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Thank you for submitting a Texas Edge Agency quote!

Our team of experienced agents are dedicated to finding the right coverage at the best price for you. We have a wide range of coverage options to choose from and we work with multiple insurance companies to find you the best rates. We will get back to you as soon as possible with your personalized quote. Thank you for your interest in Texas Edge Insurance.

*Please allow 1-3 Business days from date of quote submission. If you would like a faster quote contact us at (817) 406-2929.



Please read ALL of  this page for important information about our services.

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Our team is quoting your home, auto, or other request through our many insurance carriers like Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, SafeCo, Travelers, Germania and many more.

Our team will automatically identify the best rates and coverage, and begin any underwriting needed.

Our licensed agents will then review the data, and contact you with the best options possible.


Meet Our Agents


Christopher Scott

Owner / Principle Agent


Jamie Casarez

Office Manager / Licensed Agent


Dakota Cummins

Insurance Specialist / Licensed Agent

Important facts about Texas Homeowners Insurance

Could you be losing $100,000+ if your home was totally lost?  

Do you know if your home and/or roof is covered as ACV/RCV which could cost upwards of $50,000?  

Do you know if you have 2%, 3% or higher deductibles - costing upwards of $10,000+?

Please read below on important Homeowners Insurance information.

Dwelling Coverage - This is the most important number on a homeowners policy. It is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay to have a home rebuilt. While many insurance carriers will pay out replacement cost value (RCV), sometimes a policy is written where it will pay out actual cash value (ACV). This is a much lower payout, and could cost thousands! Also, home prices have been going sky high in recent years. Back in the mid 2010’s, it was common to have the dwelling coverage be roughly $100/sq ft. For example, a 2,250 sq ft home would have a dwelling coverage of $225,000, and that was fine. Nowadays, that size home should have double that dwelling amount. If it stayed at $225,000, and the home burned down, it might cost $400,000 to rebuild. In this scenario the insurance company is required to only pay out a maximum of $225,000, leaving $175,000 in lost equity! Do you have enough dwelling coverage? At Texas Edge, we know about the changing market conditions, and will usually quote dwelling coverages on the higher end. RCV vs ACV - Replacement cost value vs actual cash value. The value to replace something can be much different (and usually much higher) than the value of an item. This can be applied to the roof of your home. For example, let's say you have a 30 year roof that costs $30,000 to replace currently, but it's 15 years old. A licensed adjuster might say “well, it's 50% through the life of the roof, so it's worth $15,000, and since you have an ACV policy, the insurance company will pay $15,000, minus the deductible of course”. If you had an RCV roof, the insurance company would pay $30,000, minus the deductible. In this case, having an ACV vs RCV policy would “cost” the homeowner $15,000 in the event of a loss. At Texas Edge, we quote RCV policies for dwelling and roof the vast majority of the time. 1%, 2%, and higher deductibles - The deductible is the initial cost to repair/replace that is paid by the homeowner. The traditional deductible is 1%, which means 1% of the dwelling coverage. For example, a home with $450,000 in dwelling coverage would have a 1% deductible of $4,500. If the policy is a 2% deductible, then the initial out of pocket costs would be $9,000. Texas Edge has all of the tools, but we will normally quote 1% unless there is a carrier restriction or other external requirement requires greater than 1% Learn More...

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Texas Edge Agency Renewal Process

Step 1: 30 days before the renewal date, our team will review each policy for changes. We will then review for discounts and alert the client that the renewal is coming up.
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Step 2 : If certain criteria are met, it may trigger an automatic re-shop of a client's policy. 

Step 3: Our Renewal Specialist will make any changes necessary to policies for the next policy term.

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